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Step by step guide on how to start your journey with idf3.com

Let’s start with visiting the marketplace!


2- Press Register or go directly to register page

3- Complete your data and confirm email (Check Junk/Spam folder just in case)

4- Login with your account and press on your email to Edit profile

5- Activate the dual authenticator application (Follow the guide on the website)(in Old Release you may not need this step now)

6- Sign out and re-login

7- Edit Profile again and add your wallet by connecting your metamask 

8- you don’t have metamask? no problem visit this page to learn how to create one. Create Metamsk with idf3

That’s all! now you are ready to buy, sell or create a collection.

A couple of key points you need to take care of to ensure your safety and avoid any fraud on the metaverse.

Find top 10 advice to stay safe online 

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