Idf3 Crypto Inc.

A middle eastern twist to the world of NFT and virtual assets that reimagines how public interacts with media, sports, celebrities, artists and musicians using blockchain technology.

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Our services

  • Create NFT

  • Creator/mo
    • learn and Build your collection 
    • List Collection for Free
    • Gas-Free Cost
    • Sell your collection
    • Add Your Royalty and gain forever for your collection
  • Your Brand

  • Business/mo
    • Create Smart Contracts
    • Join the Metaverse
    • create new expansion for your portfolio
    • Interact with customers in the Metaverse
  • Real Estate

  • Metaverse/mo
    • Create your full metaverse experience
    • build lands, sell or rent
    • allow partners and virtual markets to exist in your land
    • Interact with your customers on your land in the metaverse
  • Invest

  • Futurist/mo
    • Join the future and be part of our family
    • Buy and resale NFTs
    • Invest in the platform 
    • Join global brands in investment opportunities through our Tech.
NFT and More

We are beyond the marketplace; we are focusing on educating and facilitating NFT trading in the region

  • Providing the latest, most relevant content and allowing the artist and content makers to deliver their content
  • Creating an entirely new way to interact with celebrities and brands in the metaverse
  • Security is our main focus, with great attention to privacy and providing a unique and safe experience on our platform
  • NFT is the future of trading, and we believe we can support the introduction of the topic in the MENA region
the Metaverse

Taking a role in creating MENA presence in the Metaverse with a focus on building relevant experience​

We help brands to exist and interact in the newly formed world. The possibilities are unlimited, and we are here to make them happen. Connect with us to brainstorm together and take your business into the next, whatever that means!

Investment in the future

The investment decision is critical, and we are providing multiple guides and ways for your next investment​

  • idf3 Academy is the ultimate source to learn about NFTs, Crypto and metaverse; we will keep it updated and ready for your successive learning cycles.
  • Speak to us to understand how can you be part of idf3 family and invest in transforming the future of MENA in the metaverse

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