Idf3 Crypto Inc.

A middle eastern twist to the world of NFT and virtual assets that reimagines how public interacts with media, sports, celebrities, artists and musicians using blockchain technology.

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About idf3 Crypto Inc.

We are from Here

A middle-eastern twist to the world of virtual assets

Reimagine how the public interacts with media, sports, celebrities, artists, and musicians using blockchain technology, accelerating the Middle East’s access to the metaverse.
Bring a middle eastern twist to the NFT marketplace by delivering the region’s first relevant, simple, one-stop-shop, and responsible marketplace by enabling B2P and P2P interactions to buy, sell, and trade digital collectables. Meanwhile, lead public education on NFT and metaverse.


Why Idf3?

More than a Marketplace

Attract culturally relevant content in the middle east, and shoot it the global NFT space
Compatible with popular wallets and crypto service providers, Just connect your wallet and Go.!
Category-agnostic, from large media businesses, sports clubs, artists, etc.
Democratize access and education to the NFT world for all middle eastern traders and collectors, companies or individuals, securely and transparently.


For Investors

Attracting the biggest names in the field of media, art and content.

  1. idf3 managed to create a unique collection to create the largest NFT marketplace in the MENA region at launch
  2. We introduce a wide variety of content, allowing everyone to be part of the movement.
  3. A wide range of payment options that fit the MENA region
  4. Our verification process ensures all ways to detect and prohibit any fraud or money laundry activities on our platform.

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