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A middle eastern twist to the world of NFT and virtual assets that reimagines how public interacts with media, sports, celebrities, artists and musicians using blockchain technology.

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What idf3 can offer?

Smart Contracts

Our business solutions support businesses to enter the metaverse. with our smart contracts solutions, we can add a new dimension to your products and markets


Whether a business or an individual, celebrity or a fan, Idf3 is your one-stop shop to list, sell, buy, and trade unique digital collectables using secure, verified, and simple payment options.

Digital Asset Managment

We introduce your art, brand and creation into the metaverse, our team helps you build and produce your collections.

idf3 Land

The land of metaverse with a complete interaction tool to build, create and trade within the NFT and crypto world

Payment in the Metaverse

We made transactions more accessible in the metaverse for the MENA region with our unique payment methods.


Reimagine how the public interacts with media, sports, celebrities, artists, and musicians using blockchain technology, accelerating the Middle East's access to the metaverse

Bring a middle eastern twist to the NFT marketspace by delivering the region’s first relevant, simple, one-stop-shop, and responsible marketplace by enabling B2P and P2P interactions to buy, sell, and trade digital collectables. Meanwhile, lead public education on NFT and metaverse

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Auctions, fixed-price (soon) listings, and declining-price listings are all options. You decide how you’d like to sell your NFTs, and we’ll assist you!

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Once you’ve set up your wallet of choice, connect it to idf3 by clicking the wallet icon in the top right corner. Learn about the wallets we support.


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